Redfin survey finds significant discrimination against Black, Hispanic, Asian homebuyers

A new report from Redfin found that Black, Hispanic, and Asian homebuyers all experienced significant discrimination in their search for a house.

As part of the survey, Redfin asked Black, Hispanic, and Asian buyers if that they had “ever felt that either sellers, their agents or landlords were less eager to work with you because of your ethnicity or race.”

Of those, 32% of Black buyers answered “yes,” as well as 36% of Hispanics and 20% of Asian buyers.

Over 5,000 U.S. residents were surveyed in the report in spring and summer of 2023, including people who had either moved within the last year, planned to move within a year, or who rent out their home.

As Redfin notes, “discrimination isn’t uncommon in the housing and rental market, and isn’t always overt.”

“One example of discrimination in the housing market is ‘steering,’ which is when a broker guides a buyer or seller away from the neighborhood their client is interested in and toward a neighborhood where their client ‘might fit in better,’ Redfin detailed in a news release.

The survey also found that 22% of LGBTQ+ people who had recently moved faced discrimination in their own home buying process.