• Police: Man broke into home, bundled women's underwear

    By: Richard Thompson


    A man in Thurston County used an ax to break into a home, then cutting the underwear of a woman and her daughters who lived there, police said.

    "He's the worst of the worst," said Adam Newcomb, who was on a camping trip with his family when the burglary happened.

    A family member who came over to check on the house interrupted the burglary, and police said the suspect, Gordon Hatch, ran from the scene.

    The next day, Adam Newcomb found a towel wrapped up under a bathroom cabinet and was shocked when he looked inside.

    "It was all of my wife and two daughters' underwear that he was cutting up and putting them in toilet paper rolls to take with him," Newcomb said.

    Newcomb said he was disgusted and horrified as he looked at the scissors and bundled underwear.

    Thurston county detectives were able to track and arrest Hatch on suspicion of burglary with sexual motivation.

    "To break into a house is bad, and then to do this, it is very disturbing," Lt. Ray Brady told KIRO 7.

    Newcomb hopes Hatch gets sent to prison for his crime.

    "He's got to go away," Newcomb said. "Otherwise, he's just gonna hurt someone, and it's just bad."

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