Bellingham officer helps save baby’s life

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A local police officer is being called a hero after she saved the life of a dying baby boy.

The entire incident unfolded in the parking lot of the McDonald’s restaurant on West Telegraph Road.

When emergency workers were called, the closest person was a Bellingham Police officer who was literally down the block.  She arrived at the restaurant in under 60 seconds.

“It was, 'I’m right here, so I’m gonna go and do I what I can to help him,” recalled Officer McKenzie Roorda.  “When it’s a baby, it’s just different.  A kid, a baby, it’s hard to explain, but it’s a different feeling for sure,” she added.

When Officer Roorda arrived at the McDonald’s parking lot, all that she knew was that a one-year-old boy had suddenly become unresponsive.

It was a terrifying situation where years of training suddenly took hold.

“There’s not a lot of processing that goes with it.  You just do what you know how to do,” Officer Roorda told KIRO 7.

In order to save someone so incredibly young, Officer Roorda performed CPR several excruciating minutes.

Once paramedics arrived, they took the young boy away.  Yet, it’s only then when Officer Roorda’s emotions took hold.

“It affects you,” she said. “We’re all human, we have family, people we care about.  It’s hard”

For the three weeks that followed, Officer Roorda said she thought about that little boy every day.

That’s until she received an invite to meet the very infant she saved.

“I was nervous, but very excited.  It’s definitely full circle.  We don’t always get to see the happy endings,” she remarked.

In the process, she learned the baby’s name is Jasper.  Family members said the little boy suffered a medical episode, but has since made a full recovery,

While the one-year-old didn’t remember Officer Roorda, she definitely remembered him.

“From what I saw that day (of the rescue), to him laughing and playing on the floor.  It’s great.”

Officer Roorda said she was just doing her job to serve and protect, all in the name of modesty.