Officers injured during small explosion inside Lynnwood police evidence room

Officers cataloging evidence were injured after an explosion inside the evidence room on Saturday, according to the Lynnwood Police Department.

At around 9 a.m. on July 16, officers responded to a report of abandoned drug paraphernalia and clothing at a hobby store at the corner of 193rd Street SW and 60th Avenue West.

An officer retrieved the items, returned to the police station and was in the process of cataloging and weighing when a small ball of unknown powder exploded on the table.

According to police, the blast was very loud and concussive, and caused a piece of material to become lodged in a TV screen.

Two officers in the room suffered ringing in their ears and one had an unknown piece of shrapnel in his cheek.

As dust filled the room, officers became concerned of possible exposure to dangerous chemicals.

As the fire department responded, officers evacuated the building.

Both officers were transported to a hospital and released with no serious injuries.

After an investigation, the area was deemed safe and uncontaminated.

Investigators believe the explosion was caused by a homemade concoction of volatile chemicals.