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‘It’s too far gone’: Neighbors push to condemn Everett motel after 236 calls to police in 15 months

Neighbors say after calling for action for more than a decade, the city of Everett is finally listening. Council is considering condemning and acquiring the Waits Motel, dubbed a crime epicenter.

The mayor’s office reports between March 1, 2022, and June 1, 2023, Everett Police responded to 236 separate calls for service at the property.

Michael Gillham has lived a stone’s throw away from the property for the past five years. Like other parents living nearby, Gillham expressed concern over criminal activity linked to the property.

“I think the best step is to condemn it,” said Gillham. “I don’t know what to do with the property but I would not want it as a hotel anymore.”

Emily Simpson was recently hired to manage the Waits Motel. Simpson contends since she took over, the troublesome property has been making progress. She argues, calls for service to Everett Police have decreased since this past March. Simpson would like to purchase the property from the current owner, refurbish and rebrand it Rain Haven Motel.

“From my heart, I want the neighbors to know that it can be something really good,” said Simpson.

Gillham and others on the street like homeowner Abbie Carlson agree they have seen recent improvements. However, they remain skeptical that a single person can solve this long-standing issue.

“It’s too far gone,” said Carlson. “There’s still a lot of issues that come with it.”

The acquisition of the Waits Motel could cost the city approximately $2 million.