Teams that will shape the Draft: Could Cards, Chargers, Falcons trade picks with QB needy teams?

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We continue our 'Teams that will shape the Draft' series by looking at three teams - Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons- in the top 10 who have a settled QB situation, but could play a major role in potentially trading with other teams who could be looking for a rookie QB early. The Athletic's Robert Mays joins Matt Harmon to breakdown how these teams can best leverage their unique situations.

Harmon and Mays first look at the Arizona Cardinals who hold the No. 4 pick in the draft as well as ten other picks in the draft. The duo debate if it makes sense for the Cardinals to stay at four and take the best WR prospect available or if they could still grab one if they trade down. The two discuss if the Cardinals are one good draft away from being a contender in the NFC.

The two then discuss the Los Angeles Chargers who hold the No. 5 pick and eight other picks. Harmon and Mays discuss if we should buy into Jim Harbaugh's comments about the importance of the offensive line. The two then debate if the Chargers should embrace a full rebuild given the state of their roster. Mays also wonders what the trade market and value would be for the No. 5 pick if the top four picks are QB.

To end the show the two look at the Atlanta Falcons and what they need to do with the No. 8 pick now that they have Kirk Cousins as their QB in 2024. The two agree the path to contention in the NFC for the Falcons is real. Harmon is over the moon about Drake London's potential in 2024. Mays ponders if a team built the way the Falcons are can actually win a Super Bowl.

2:50 - Teams that shape the Draft: Teams in top 10 who don't need a QB

4:00 - Arizona Cardinals: Stay at No. 4 and take a WR or trade back?

22:55 - L.A. Chargers: Does this team need to accept they're in a full rebuild? + What's trade market for No. 5 pick?

44:30 - Atlanta Falcons: Time to invest in defense? + Are they ready to contend?

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