Woman viciously attacked at Normandy Park gas station

NORMANDY PARK, Wash. — A convenience store worker in Normandy Park was viciously attacked during a robbery Friday night and police are still looking for all six suspects involved.

Surveillance video from the Friendly Normandy Market shows a group of six males robbing the store, and as the robbery is taking place, one of them is repeatedly beating the cashier.

“But before I could even take in what they said to me or respond, the one was on top of me just hitting me,” Leah Johnston, the woman attacked, said.

Johnston says she was trying to tell the group they could take whatever they wanted and to stop hitting her.

“I know at one point (I said) that you could stop hitting me. I’m not fighting you!” Johnston said.

She says all the guys took from the store was less than $100, some tobacco products, and candy.

“It’s just amazing that they would do it for as little as they got,” Johnston said.

She says she will be taking some time away from work, but she can’t wait to get back. She says her store plans to beef up security measures so attacks like this don’t happen again.

“But I’m not going to let them win. I’m not walking away from my job. I like this community. I like the people and I love my job,” Johnston said.

Normandy Park Police say they continue to look for the six suspects. Anyone with any information is urged to give them a call.

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