Woman takes wallet dropped by Selah firefighter after thanking him for help in Thurston County

LITTLEROCK, Wash. — Thurston County deputies are investigating after surveillance video showed a woman walk away with a wallet accidentally dropped by Yakima County Emergency Management Director Tony Miller Friday at a Littlerock gas station.

Miller, who is also a longtime Selah firefighter, said he drove with a team to Thurston County this week to help with the Mima brush fire that burned several hundred acres and forced evacuations.

“Disappointed,” said Miller, in an interview with KIRO 7. “This community, for this fire, has been overwhelmingly welcome to us and thanking us. Just surprised.”

The security video, obtained by KIRO 7, shows the woman talking with a firefighter as he fuels up a fire vehicle in Littlerock Friday on their way to help with mop-up duties nearby. Miller is seen on video walking out of the gas station when his wallet falls to the ground.

“Didn’t realize it until we started going down the road,” said Miller, who returned to the gas station to look for his wallet. “We went into the store, asked if somebody turned in anything, and that’s when they said we can check the video.”

Prior to finding and walking off with the wallet, Miller said the woman thanked the firefighters for their work during this year’s unprecedented and deadly wildfire season. Gas station video shows the woman talking with the firefighter and waving goodbye as she walks away.

“Thank you for being here,” Miller recalled the woman saying. “We appreciate everything you’re doing.”

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said deputies have seen the woman around the area before but were still looking for her Friday evening as Miller prepared to head back to Yakima County, his work in Thurston County done.

“I have holds on all the credit cards but I’d still like them back,” said Miller, who told KIRO 7 he would’ve given the woman money had she asked. “I don’t hold anything against the community. They’ve been awesome to us.”