Woman fatally shot in parking lot of Tukwila Costco identified

A shooting in Tukwila left a woman dead in the parking lot of Costco on Friday.

Tukwila police said the shooting happened at 10:41 a.m. in a parking lot of a business on Andover Park East.

KIRO 7 saw the crime scene behind the Costco near its Tire Center.

Police said they performed life-saving measures, but the woman died from her injuries as she was being treated by medics.

The woman was later identified by the King County Medical Examiner as Yuam Ming, 67, of Tukwila.

A male suspect drove away in a white vehicle on Andover Park East, police added.

No other details about the suspect were released as of Friday late afternoon.

The investigation is ongoing.

KIRO 7 News saw what appeared to be a body covered in a red blanket lying on the ground behind a blue Honda vehicle.

“It is concerning to hear because it was in the Costco parking lot with a lot of people around,” said customer Alex Sampson. “For someone to be that bold is pretty crazy. Hopefully, (police) catch him quickly because for someone who is that bold to be running around is super dangerous.”

“It’s still a safety concern because it’s right there -- we don’t know what the guy’s motive was,” he added.

KIRO 7 News also spoke with Jo Darras, who frequently shops at the Tukwila Costco.

She said she saw the body when she was walking towards the warehouse.

“Once I got out of the car, I walked up, the lady was still down on the ground,” she recalled. “She had a red blanket over her -- it just breaks my heart.”

Darras said the deadly shooting seemed to impact customers inside the store as she was walking around.

“It was very eerie inside,” she described. “I mean you really feel weird -- people were checking out like crazy, like a bad storm was coming. So many people were at the counters trying to get out.”

A worker at Costco told KIRO 7 the warehouse was scheduled to close early around 2 p.m.