Washington senators join gun control filibuster

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut took to the Senate floor at 8:30 Wednesday morning.

Murphy represented the children killed in the Newtown massacre in December 2012.

Other Democrats have joined him in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

They want the Senate to make it illegal for people on a terror watch-list to buy guns.

They want it to be illegal for people on the no fly list to buy guns.

But so far Republicans have defeated that legislation in the past.

Sen. Patty Murray joined the filibuster, “People are asking and begging for us to do something, anything to stop this scourge of gun violence that has once again been splashed across the front pages of our newspapers and on our TV screens,” she said

Sen. Maria Cantwell pointed out that a new initiative is working in Washington State and said it's time for what she calls "commonsense" gun laws on the national level.

Connecticut's Sen. Murphy is leading this filibuster because he represented the children killed in the Newtown massacre. We got a statement from the National Rifle Association saying they were generally supportive of keeping potential terrorists from legally buying guns.

But they want the restrictions to be narrow and temporary so as not to impinge on the Second Amendment.

The filibuster ended just after 11 p.m. Pacific Time.

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