Video shows suspect firing at home’s cameras in days leading up to Arlington standoff

ARLINGTON, Wash. — Exclusive to KIRO 7, we’ve obtained surveillance video from residents in an Arlington neighborhood showing the terrifying days and hours leading up to an hours-long standoff with a man that held off Snohomish County deputies.

The standoff last week in Arlington lasted for several hours, and only ended when a SWAT team stormed a home in the area near the corner of Arnot Road and 233 Street Northeast.

Surveillance cameras appear to show a suspect firing at cameras on a nearby home.

The videos show that for days and in the hours before the standoff, the man kept taking aim and shooting at cameras. It’s a situation that repeated many times.

Many of the videos shared exclusively with KIRO 7 show the hours before deputies sealed off the area amid the standoff. The owner of the surveillance cams did not want to speak on camera for fear of his family’s safety, but was adamant about sharing the videos to show the danger.

According to the Snohomish County Jail roster, a man was arrested by deputies and booked into jail on the morning of Feb. 22. The charges were listed as discharging a firearm and malicious mischief. Both are gross misdemeanors. The suspect posted bail and was released that day.

KIRO 7 cameras were there on the day of the standoff when a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson described the standoff’s start which happened around 3 a.m., when a neighbor called 911 to say someone was shooting at their home.

When deputies arrived, they figured out that the 43-year-old man living at one particular house was the alleged shooter. He was able to keep deputies at bay until they forced their way into his home around 8 a.m. and took the suspect into custody.

At the time, several neighbors voiced concerns about the suspect, saying that he had a habit of shooting at all hours and that targets were set up facing roads, which some considered dangerous in general for the area.

The neighbor that shared the video is only doing so to highlight the concerns that he and other neighbors have regarding the suspect. He also says he has a protection order but does not know if it will stop the behavior seen on the videos, though he hopes it does.