Toppled crane removed from Issaquah home

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — A large crane that toppled onto an Issaquah home was removed on Saturday.

Crews had to carefully hoist and then lower the crane, which split the home in two, in order to remove it.

The crane fell into the home Tuesday during a large tree removal operation, injuring two workers.

The family that lived at the home was also inside when the crane fell.

According to the homeowner, Trista Oliva, the removal was a two-man job. One worker, who was hoisted up in a harness, worked to cut the tree into pieces while the other operated the crane.

The tree was waterlogged, and a particularly heavy section brought the crane down, the owner told KIRO 7.

The homeowner told KIRO 7 that she was struggling to put the memory of the toppled crane behind her.

“I was sitting about five feet from where the boom came down. It’s been pretty rough, hard to sleep. Every time I close my eyes I replay that scene in my head where it felt like the whole house was crashing down,” Oliva said.

The family is currently staying at a motel.

There is no word on when repairs will be made or when the family will be able to return home.