Tips to keep your pet calm on the Fourth of July

SEATTLE — Every year, dogs and cats flee with fear from the sound of fireworks.

The Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has some pointers to help keep your pet calm during this year's festivities.

  • Keep your pet indoors, preferably in the quietest room in your house while fireworks are going off
  • Soothing music or turning on the TV can provide a good distraction for your pet
  • Some pets like being in a secure crate in a darkened room to help them stay calm
  • Do not leave your pet outside
  • Make sure your pet is licensed and has an ID tag or microchip
  • Even if your pet hasn't had a negative reaction in the past to fireworks, don't assume they won't react -- some pets become more sensitive to loud noises as they age
  • If your pet is lost, check in person at local shelters and check back frequently as it can take time before a pet is brought to a shelter

RASKC also has a hotline for strays: 206-296-3936. You can also visit it's Lost Pets page and Found Pets page.

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