Tim Eyman wants a Thurston County court to also consider I-976

Initiative 976 sponsor and candidate for governor Tim Eyman on Monday filed paperwork asking a court in Thurston County to save the measure to lower car tab fees.

Eyman wants a Thurston County judge to rule whether Initiative 976 is constitutional, even though King County Judge Marshall Ferguson is already considering it.

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Last month, Judge Ferguson temporarily blocked the initiative, which would lower car tab fees and blow a big hole in transportation budgets.

"I think it’s really important that we don't rely on one conflicted judge, who happens to be a Jay Inslee appointee," Eyman said.

Eyman has repeatedly suggested a King County judge can’t be impartial, because the county is among the governments suing to stop I-976 from taking effect.

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"It's the most laughable argument you can imagine," said Andrew Villeneuve of the Northwest Progressive Institute. "King County brings cases every day in King County Superior Court. Sometimes the prosecutor, the judge, the public defender and even the jury, they're all being paid by the same King County taxpayers, that's the way the courts work."

Villeneuve predicts Eyman’s latest filing will be thrown out because the case is unnecessary and the complaint wasn’t properly filed.

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Eyman is hoping for a hearing in Thurston County prior to the next one in the King County case, and is planning additional court filings.

“There might be another one in a different county in the coming days and the idea is why should we rely on one King County judge to decide this thing, why not hear from multiple judges? This thing is eventually going to go to the Supreme Court anyway,” Eyman told supporters.

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