‘This can’t be the way I go’: Bellevue father survives being shot 9 times

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Baron Li, 48, is still recovering from being shot on his way to work on July 10.

The father of three was walking to his car at the Overlook at Lakemont apartments when he was shot nine times.

At one point, he tried to hide his head under the steering wheel to keep from being shot in the head and chest.

Li spent a week in the hospital as doctors treated the wounds from nine bullets. The worst damage was to his right arm, where the bone shattered.

But for Li, the pain pales in comparison to the fear he has for his family.

"I'm just worried about the rest of my family. That could have been me walking out with my kids," said Li on Thursday.

His youngest is 6 years old and has special needs.

"He has lots of challenges. I'm thinking if I'm not around, who is going to be there for him? I'm his strongest advocate," said Li.

It will take months for Li to recover. The soonest he could be back at work is in January. Family friends started a GoFundMe account to help the family.

Bellevue police are actively investigating the shooting and following leads.

Li is confident police are working to do all they can and was careful not to reveal any details that could compromise the investigation.

He wants justice.

"I do want whoever did this to get caught so my kids have the sense and understanding people can't just do this and get away with it," said Li.

If you have any information you think would help investigators, contact the Bellevue Police Department.