Shoreline COVID-19 facility rapidly built on school soccer field

SHORELINE, Wash. — King County is taking action to prepare for an influx of coronavirus patients.

The county is converting a soccer field in Shoreline into a facility for people who’ve contracted COVID-19.

The city of Shoreline originally called it a “temporary field hospital,” but King County clarified Thursday that it’s ordered no medical equipment for the facility.

King County’s Department of Community and Human Services said it was still deciding how the new site will be used based on need but added it will most likely be used for people recovering from the coronavirus. The goal of the facility is to keep much-needed hospital beds free for people who are most ill.

Construction is already underway. Chopper 7 was over the Shoreline B soccer field at 19030 First Ave. NE on Wednesday as crews installed framing for hard-sided tents. It’s a property that’s owned by the Shoreline School District.

According to the city, the facility will provide up to 200 beds and will be used for “people exposed to or recovering from the novel coronavirus.”

There will be heating, ventilation and air conditioning, flooring and running water at the Shoreline field facility.

Shoreline says similar tent structures are being created at multiple locations throughout King County for those who can’t stay in their own homes without possibly infecting other family members or are homeless. The county is working to create facilities to provide 3,000 hospital beds.

King County said it also working on putting two tents up in a Bellevue parking lot in the Eastgate neighborhood at 13620 Eastgate Way. On Thursday, crews were also working there to install flooring.

King County hasn’t said how long the facility will remain on the site.

It is not yet known when the field hospital will be put into use.

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