Suspected storage locker burglars busted in Bellevue

Bellevue Police detectives arrested two men for a spree of storage locker burglaries. They're trying to return these items, which police beleive were stolen. If you believe any of these goods are yours, call Bellevue police at 425-452-6917.

Bellevue Police detectives arrested two men for a spree of storage locker burglaries. Investigators believe there could be hundreds of victims.

On Tuesday, investigators showed KIRO 7 some of the suspected stolen property they recovered. They hope the victims will recognize their property and contact the Bellevue Police Department.

Detectives are building their case against the two men, who they say hit 20 units at a time.

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Anyone who recognizes the goods can contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Detectives from Bellevue's Special Enforcement Team were able to track down the suspects after the car they were using was caught on surveillance video at a business next to one of the storage companies. Investigators say the team targeted multiple storage companies on Bellevue's Northup Way near 124th Ave NE.

Bellevue Police say the duo also stole from storage companies in Renton, Kent and Seattle and believe they were busy in other cities too.

The men also were charged with residential burglary. Investigators said the men would break into houses during the day and storage lockers at night. According to investigators, they would use bolt cutters to get through fencing and then cut the locks on one unit after another.

When the men were arrested detectives say they found a drug kit containing heroin. The men unloaded the stolen property at pawn shops and on Offer Up, a mobile app, police said.

"In this case we have property out of potentially Kent, Renton, we know Bellevue, and some out of Seattle," Bellevue Police Captain Marcia Harnden said. "It's going to take us some time to identify the victims and put the cases together be we have our guys."

Bellevue's Special Enforcement Team identifies crime trends or criminals committing crimes in Bellevue and tracks them into other jurisdictions.

"Our burglars are Redmond's burglars and Kirkland's burglars and Seattle's burglars so a lot of time we arrest them on cases and we're going to solve other people's cases."

Detectives said the more victims they are able to identify, the more charges can be filed against the suspects. The men are being held in the King County jail, charged with residential burglary in the meantime.

"These guys have been active for so long we could be talking about literally hundreds of victims here," said Officer Seth Tyler.