Survey shows homelessness up by 23% in Pierce County

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — On May 24, Pierce County released the results of the 2024 Homeless Point-in-Time (PIT) survey.

The survey was conducted in January by county leaders, service providers, and volunteers working with people experiencing homelessness.

Officials found that an estimated 2,661 people in the county are experiencing homelessness.

The number is a 23% increase from the 2023 survey, which found 2,148 people experiencing sheltered and unsheltered homelessness.

According to Pierce County officials, many people in the larger count are not homeless, but rather seeking services and may be at risk of experiencing homelessness. Roughly 6,335 people were included in the larger count of people who are thought to be connected to the homeless crisis response system in Pierce County.

The survey also showed a slight decrease in people using these services provided by Pierce County’s homeless crisis response system.

“The 2024 PIT count validates what we all see in our communities; despite efforts by Pierce County, local cities and towns, and our strong community of service providers, we continue to see a rise in homelessness in Pierce County,” Heather Moss, Pierce County Human Services director said. “We continue to fund programs across the spectrum of interventions from prevention to permanent housing to address this important issue.”

Details of the survey can be viewed on the Pierce County website.

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