Study ranks Washington as third most dangerous for drivers; here’s how to stay safe

It’s the season of bad roads, and according to Journo Research, Washington ranked as the third most dangerous state for drivers in the U.S.

Over one in six fatalities occurred in severe weather. Rain was the most dangerous severe weather condition in Washington, present in a little over 10% of collisions.

INRIX Traffic Analyst, Bob Pishue, says the solution starts with ourselves.

“It’s important as a driver to reeducate ourselves in how to deal with hydroplaning, how to drive in snow, how to do those types of things in order for us to be able to reduce our impact,” said Pishue.

Pishue says about a third of fatalities happen after 6 p.m. until midnight. When you mix in the sun setting sooner, and low visibility due to fog, rain, or snow, that’s a combination more likely to lead to fatal crashes.

Winterizing your car and staying vigilant when weather conditions are rough are key to keeping yourself safe during extreme weather.