Speaker defines alt-right at Seattle conference

VIDEO: Alt-right in Seattle

SEATTLE — A video posted on YouTube shows a speaker standing next to U.S. and Washington state flags.

It was posted online under the banner Millennial Woes and is dated Nov. 12.

“What we have to do is reprogram the white race because it has sustained decades of brainwashing and conditioning and, yeah, a worsening of its situation,” said the speaker, introduced as Millennial Woes.

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At the beginning of his speech, he addressed the term “alt-right."

“OK, one caveat, I'm going to use the term alt-right. And I know that some people might not be comfortable with that, but it is a brand and it is what we have and it has been built up quite carefully, methodically, painstakingly over a long time.

He continued, “So it is useful to us and I think we should keep it for now. Until, I don't know, can we start just calling ourselves white nationalists, I don't know if we can do that just yet, maybe five years from now.”

On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump again rejected white nationalist ideology, though he stands by his hiring of senior adviser Steve Bannon, who says he turned the Breitbart news website into a platform for the alt-right.

“I don't know whether Trump agrees with us on anything, but he is certainly far more amenable to our ideas than any other president in our lifetimes,” the speaker said.

We reached out to a number of organizations that track hate groups and they didn't recognize the speaker nor had they heard of the North West Forum.

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