• Space Needle unveils 5 items to go inside 2062 time capsule, contest for you to submit items

    By: John Knicely


    SEATTLE - In 2062, people will open a time capsule at the Space Needle to find a signed Pearl Jam poster, a Seahawks mini-helmet and Twinkies.

    On Thursday, Space Needle employees unveiled a time capsule to be opened on the 100-year anniversary of the Seattle landmark, and they launched a contest for you to choose an item to put inside.

    Most of what goes inside will be a secret, but on Thursday, employees unveiled these five special items: Forever Stamps featuring Marvin Gaye, one share of Amazon Stock, a signed Pearl Jam poster, a Seahawks mini-helmet and Twinkies.

    The goal is to have more interesting items from this point in time compared to the 1982 capsule found during renovations two years ago that mostly contained letters from old employees.

    “We just wanted them to be kind of fun,” Space Needle spokesperson Dave Mandapat told KIRO 7.

    “What is a share of Amazon stock going to be worth 43 years from now?  It's trading around $1,800 per share right now. Is it worth less, 10 times as much, we don't know.  The conversation about stamps. Are we going to have mail 43 years from now?”

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    Pearl Jam band members signed the poster with messages for the future.  Mike McCready wrote, "I hope the world is better."

    Eddie Vedder wrote. "I'm guessing I'm dead… F#%&. Miss you!  Love You!"

    Seahawks Hall of Famer Walter Jones was there Thursday to sign the helmet, and inside, he wrote the number of Super Bowls he expects the Seahawks to win in the next 43 years.  He wouldn’t say just how many that is, so KIRO 7 morning anchor John Knicely asked him his plans for 2062.

    "I don't know,” Jones said, laughing. “I don't plan that far. Hopefully if I can stay healthy, hopefully it'll be amazing to still be here. Like I said earlier, it's great to be a part of this and have my signature that people will be able to see.”

    This time capsule is considerably larger than the one from 1982. It weighs 160 pounds.  Mandapat told KIRO 7 they expect to put hundreds of items inside, but nothing with a battery that could corrode.

    You can submit an idea for something to go into the time capsule. The Space Needle is holding a contest on its website for the next few months.

    “Quite honestly we don't have a criteria,” Mandapat said. “I think creativity, if I had to pick one, is the biggest thing.”

    The time capsule will be closed on Oct. 21 because that's the day the World's Fair ended.  But it won't be hidden.

    It'll be placed somewhere out in the open for visitors to spend the next 43 years guessing what's inside.

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