Sick of Seattle, senator seeks to create new county

VIDEO: Splitting King County

A state senator from Auburn is paving the way for the Eastside to leave King County.

Senator Phil Fortunato (R- District 31) sponsored Senate Bill 5932 which allows for the formation of new counties or consolidation of existing counties.

Sen. Fortunato says he is tired of Seattle and its policies.

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"They can do whatever the heck they want, they just can't do it with my money, " said Fortunato Wednesday.  "All this crazy whacko stuff, they're just moving so far left, so far socialist that a majority of the King County Council, a third of the vote in King County is coming from Seattle." He says suburban and rural areas are being overlooked.

His plan would make only Seattle city limits be in King County, the rest of King County would become a new county.

"I want to exclude Seattle and I want Seattle to be King County and we can be something else," said Fortunato. "Seattle has, through its own efforts, created a homeless mecca. I don’t want them spending my money to do this stuff.”

He also talked about what little benefit his constituents would be getting from Sound Transit 3.

What the legislation does is create a process that could allow for the creation of new counties. He said SB 5932 would create the legislation that is generic and would apply state-wide. He said he will work on the bill in the coming months and build support.