Seattle police spent Fourth of July rescuing hot dogs

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SEATTLE — Seattle Police Department officers spent the Fourth of July rescuing a litter of puppies and their mom from a hot car. The owner had reportedly left the dog and her five young pups inside the car with the doors closed and the windows rolled up, but luckily a 911 caller alerted police to the incident.

According to the Seattle Police Foundation, temperatures on July 4 were higher than 80 degrees in some parts of Seattle. The temperature inside the car was likely much hotter, as temperatures rise exponentially inside cars on sunny days, with the US National Weather Service saying that temperatures inside a closed car can reach over 140 degrees within minutes.

The car door was unlocked and officers quickly retrieved the pups before taking them to the SPD North Precinct for water. The officers enjoyed their puppy therapy before handing the dogs off to the Seattle Animal Shelter. The owner was arrested for animal cruelty.

The Seattle Police Foundation thanked the neighbor who called in this incident and the officers who responded, asking the community to please leave their pets at home during hot days in the future.

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