UPDATE: Service dog found after being reported stolen from Capitol Hill grocery store

UPDATE: The dog was found, the owner told KIRO 7 Tuesday afternoon. Additional details were not immediately available, but we'll post them here when we learn more.

As the owner was heading home from meeting with detectives, he received a call from someone in the University District who said they had a dog that looked like Layla. The owner met with the man, who said he found her on the street at night.

The man told the owner he'd seen a post on Facebook about the missing dog. The man kept her for nearly a month -- so it's suspected that Layla was set loose shortly after the Capitol Hill confrontation.

ORIGINAL TEXT: A Seattle man says his service dog was stolen after he was attacked in a Capitol Hill grocery store.

Jeffrey Almes' 9-year-old service dog Layla was stolen last month in a confrontation with two men that was captured on surveillance video.

Video from Hillcrest Market allegedly shows two men confronting Almes, punching him and walking away with Layla.

Watch video of the confrontation: 

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"I've had her 9 years of her life, I got her when she was 6 weeks old. I've had her since she was a puppy to be my service dog," Almes said.

Layla has helped Almes since he was in a car accident a decade ago that left him with PTSD any time he's in a vehicle. He's still searching and trying to get her back.

Seattle police detectives are looking for leads and are checking in with Almes periodically.

Almes is still hoping for Layla's safe return.