Seattle man robbed at gunpoint outside his home

SEATTLE — Siphan Somvilay described being held at gunpoint outside his Columbia City home.

“They point a gun to me from there to there,” said Somvilay; explaining how he was about to enter his house when a man pointed a gun at him from across his yard.

Somvilay said three masked men approached him while warning him not to open his front door. The men then demanded his wallet and car keys.

The interaction is all caught on video, from a Ring doorbell surveillance camera outside his home. One of the robbers tries to pull the camera off the house, but the video continues to record.

The masked men are seen going through Somvilay’s wallet, which he said contained $500.

“That’s all I’ve got,” Somvilay is heard saying.

He later describes being forced inside his home. “They get my wallet and then they pull me inside the house and put the gun to my head.”

Somvilay said he sat quietly in the kitchen while the men searched his home. He shared photos with KIRO 7 showing a broken door and clothes thrown throughout different rooms. He said before the men left, they took a laptop, purse, jewelry, and $3,500 in cash.

Somvilay called 911 when the robbers left. While he’s waiting for police to find and arrest the men, his son is also working to solve the case.

The son posted the doorbell video on Facebook. It’s been shared several hundred times since May 4.

In the post, the son asked anyone with information about the robbery to contact the police.

“I worry about other people too,” said Somvilay. Until those men are arrested, he’s encouraging everyone to be aware of their surroundings, especially at night.

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