Seattle first in nation for package thefts: How you can fight back against porch pirates

SEATTLE — You’ve seen the videos and heard the tales of porch pirates plundering packages, especially during Christmas time. Now, a new study by security company Safewise places the Seattle area at the top of the nation when it comes to package theft.

This year alone more than 119 million packages were stolen with $6 billion in losses.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning about thieves even following delivery trucks.

“We’ve also seen instance instances in the news of bad actors actually following USPS delivery drivers and actually chasing the driver and looking to steal the keys that keys to the mailboxes,” said the BBB’s Logan Hickle.

The study says three in four people had a package stolen in the last year. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

First off, try to be home for deliveries. If possible, have your deliveries sent to a brick-and-mortar store. Amazon offers lockers, or you can get a home locker.

As an example, the Davymat anchors to your porch and is made of steel. Only you and the drivers have access.

Another effective deterrent is a security camera.

“When people see that video doorbell, it gives them a little bit more hesitation,” said Bickle. “Mine shines a big bright light in their face, they can’t miss it. They’re going to know that it’s recording them.”

If you have a big-ticket item stolen off your porch, contact your insurance agent to make a homeowner’s claim. Benjamin Palmer from State Farm Insurance says you can file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance if your package is more expensive.

“If you’re ordering jewelry, electronics, high-end toys, something like that, you definitely have an option in terms of, you know, getting that back or filing a claim if it’s covered,” Palmer detailed.

Delivery companies are also doing more to combat porch theft. UPS announcing recently that it is using AI to determine how likely a theft is to occur. Amazon uses a map feature allowing you to track your package in real time. And, FedEx lets you customize your delivery place and time.