Seattle Center stabbing suspect tells police why he attacked son's mother

Chilling new statements were made by the man accused of murdering a Seattle woman in the middle of Seattle Center with their young son as a witness.

According to court documents, Gabrielle Garcia, 28, had an active no-contact order on the suspect.

Last September, a court finalized their parenting plan.

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On Friday night, her estranged boyfriend allegedly stabbed her in the busy Seattle Center Armory in front of scores of people.

"Both of his hands were bloody," said Eric DeAngelo, a photographer and performance artist, "so I started making a video."

DeAngelo spotted 29-year-old David Lee Morris, a knife in his right hand, being held at bay by another man pointing a gun.

"He was just walking toward the, the man with the gun," said DeAngelo. "Kept walking toward him. I don't know what his intention was."

What he also did not know was that moments earlier inside the Seattle Center Armory, eyewitnesses say they saw Morris viciously stabbing Garcia in full view of their 5-year-old son.

DeAngelo was still filming as Seattle police stunned Morris with a taser and took him into custody.

Morris was a no-show at King County District Court on Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, the judge found probable cause to hold him for investigation of first degree murder. Neither the deputy prosecutor nor his public defender mentioned bail.

According to the probable cause document, Morris told detectives his relationship with Garcia was  "off and on." He said she had a history of "having other boyfriends and bringing more men into" their son's life which he "feels is inappropriate."

He said he considered killing Garcia in April or May, but decided instead to try to ''rehabilitate their relationship."

She agreed to meet him Friday afternoon at the Pacific Science Center. He got angry and began attacking her.

DeAngelo said it made him feel "kind of sick. I mean I was kind of learning about it as I'm shooting the video."

DeAngelo usually spends his days offering props to visitors for their own selfies.  He says he always hoped to witness news as it happens, but not this.

"Yeah, it's a, a domestic violence thing," said DeAngelo. "It's just pretty sad that people are like that."

Garcia's son was not hurt in all of this. The woman who answered the door at Garcia's grandfather's house said they did not want to talk about what happened.

It does appear Garcia and Morris lived together in Texas but according to their parenting plan filed with the court, Garcia had moved back here and Morris had largely lost contact with their son.

He is expected to be in court Monday afternoon.

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