Seattle budget includes money for safe-injection site

SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council has passed a 2018 budget that includes $1.3 million to create what could be the nation's first authorized safe-injection site for drug users.

The Seattle Times reports that the $5.6 billion budget approved Monday also increases city spending on programs that address homelessness to $63 million, a nearly 40 percent jump over four years ago.

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King County is considering two supervised sites where people can use heroin and other drugs under the care of trained staff that can treat an overdose if necessary. One will be in Seattle and the other outside the city.

Seattle's budget requires city departments to do a feasibility study on siting the facility in Seattle.

Mayor Tim Burgess said he'll sign the budget Wednesday.

Supporters say such sites are needed to help fight the opioid epidemic. Critics argue they undermine prevention and treatment.

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