Sea-Tac officials explain why walk from light rail station to airport is so long

SEATAC, Wash. — If you’ve ever taken light rail to the airport, you know there’s a long 1,200 foot walk with your luggage to Sea-Tac.

Sound Transit says there are nearly 5,800 people on an average weekday that use the Sea-Tac Airport light rail station.

Many people question why the station isn’t right next to the airport or why a moving walkway hasn't been installed.

But Port of Seattle officials say it’s just not that easy.

The Port of Seattle and Sound Transit say the V-shape of the airport terminal didn't allow for the light rail train to maintain a direct speed path they wanted for the entire route.

As far as installing a movable walkway to the terminal, infrastructure for that is several feet deep and it wouldn't work with the parking garage's structural integrity.

"I come to the airport about six to eight times a year. I'm OK with the walk, but in the winter time, it's really cold. I feel like a movable walkway would be good for a lot of people,” said traveler Kelly Stewart.

“We agree. It would be great if we could figure out a way to do that. But it's just not feasible. Not only from a physical standpoint, but a financial standpoint,” said airport spokesman Perry Cooper.

The airport has started using golf carts as shuttles between the station and terminal to mitigate the walkway.

They carry as many as 1,200 people a day.