Shooting rumor cancels classes at Graham-Kapowsin High School Monday

GRAHAM, Wash. — Pierce County deputies said they believe they found the source of school shooting rumors that caused the district to cancel classes for students at Graham-Kapowsin High School Monday.

Pierce County deputies said they received multiple calls from parents who were worried about social media posts being circulated by students. Several parents told deputies that the posts said not to go to school on Monday because there was going to be a shooting at the high school and it was going to be a “bloodbath.”

Police said no parents or students had any details about where the threat started or who was responsible.

Deputies contacted the school district, Graham-Kapowsin High School campus safety, school resource deputies and detectives about the threats.

At that time, police and the school district couldn’t find the source of the rumors or determine if they were true. The district decided to cancel classes Monday as a precaution.

Monday morning, the Sheriff’s Department said school resource deputies investigated the rumors throughout the night. On Monday, investigators said they believed they found the source of the rumors.

“At this point, we believe there was no threat to the school or student safety, and it was related to a boyfriend-girlfriend issue,” the Sheriff’s Department said on its Facebook page.