Sanctioned homeless site in Olympia gets new micro homes

OLYMPIA, Wash. — In an effort to address the homeless crisis in Olympia, the sanctioned homeless encampment called the Downtown Mitigation Site got new micro homes.

Delivery began April 20, as part of a collective community effort.

The size of the homes measures 10 feet by 10 feet and helps to increase safety and protection from the elements, according to a release from the city of Olympia.

“This is a small way we can improve health and safety for our homeless neighbors staying at Mitigation,” said Cary Retlin, the Home Fund manager for Olympia.

The micro homes have locking doors, insulated walls, floors, roofs, as well as windows, the release indicated.

Earth Homes and the Community Youth Service’s YouthBuild program at New Market Skills Center are building the homes, which will result in 60 homes with delivery ending in May.

The camping site is not a long-term solution but designed with the idea of getting people into more supportive housing or a stable shelter.

The cost of each micro home is $2,900.