Mill Creek neighborhood flooded after beaver dam smashed by falling trees

The floodwaters are gone in Mill Creek but the clean-up has just begun.

A burst beaver damn sent floodwaters spilling into a Mill Creek neighborhood near the intersection of 136th Street and 14th Drive Southeast on Wednesday.

Questions remain about who is responsible for all the damage.

Mill Creek spokeswoman Joni Kirk said public works personnel discovered the catalyst for all the flooding in the afternoon.

PHOTOS: Mill Creek homes surrounded by water

“They found a beaver dam that had been smashed by the trees. It's amazing what can happen when something dams a water body,” Kirk said.

Officials said two trees snapped and hit a beaver dam that burst, sending water from a wetland into yards and homes.

Kent Thomas had water in his home. His neighbors said his home took the hardest hit.

“It's a mess. It doesn't make me happy but there's nothing I can do,” Thomas said.

Some residents said storm drains were overwhelmed, and that there have been problems in the past.

A Mill Creek official was uncertain if there will be any aid to residents who were affected. Kirk said it could be discussed Thursday.

Officials said people who were affected can call public works at 425-551-7254 to report issues.

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