• Timeline: Tacoma police shooting suspect killed after standoff


    The man suspected of shooting and killing a veteran Tacoma police officer Wednesday evening has been shot and killed by authorities early Thursday after an hours-long standoff.

    The officer was killed after responding to a domestic violence call in the 400 block of East 52nd Street. The fallen officer is Reginald Jake Gutierrez, 45, who had been with Tacoma police since 1999.

    For the latest updates on Thursday, click here. Scroll down below for a timeline of events as they happened on Wednesday. 

    Key developments: 

    • The 11-hour standoff ended around 3:30 a.m. Thursday when suspect was shot and killed by authorities.
    • Suspect was using two children inside the home as a shield
    • A deputy was able to get safe shot at suspect, killing him
    • Multiple weapons were found inside the home
    • Children, ages 8 and 6 are safe
    • Officer Reginald Jake Gutierrez, 45, was shot after domestic violence call at a house around 5 p.m. Wednesday.
    • After he was shot at the scene, Gutierrez was sent to Tacoma General for surgery early Wednesday evening.
    • A spokeswoman confirmed his death around 9 p.m. on Wednesday.See photos from the procession here.

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    [4:30 a.m.]

    At a news conference, Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy Ed Troyer said during the standoff, the suspect was using the children, and 8-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl as a shield and was making threats against the children.  SWAT officers were able to separate one of the children from the suspect.

    Troyer said while one of the children was still with the suspect, a Pierce County SWAT deputy was able to take a shot at the suspect, firing one round that killed him.  Both children are safe and unhurt. 

    The suspect, who has not been identified, had multiple weapons in the house, according to Troyer.

    The deputy who shot the suspect, as well as everyone who was involved in the gunfight earlier, will be on administrative leave as is customary.

    [3:45 a.m.] 

    Tacoma police tell KIRO 7 that the suspect in the fatal shooting of their officer was shot and killed by authorities.

    [2:04 a.m.] 

    Tacoma police did not give the fallen officer's name, but said he was 45 and was an officer for 17 years.


    [11:16 p.m.]

    As Tacoma mourns a fallen officer, Tacoma Police Department is still working an active scene in the Eastside neighborhood. The man suspected of shooting and killing the officer is still barricaded inside the house.

    Away from the standoff scene, the fallen officer's procession has just ended at the medical examiner's office.

    [10:50 p.m.]

    The ambulance with the fallen officer left the hospital. It was followed by dozens of cop cars and motorcycles.

    [10:46 p.m.]

    Gov. Jay Inslee released a statement on the shooting. 

    “Trudi and I send our thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of the Tacoma police officer killed tonight in the line of duty. All of Washington grieves with Tacoma, which tonight lost one of their finest. 

    “Our hearts are with the men and women of the Tacoma Police Department, their families, and their brothers and sisters in law enforcement across Washington. 

    “In times of crisis, we see the service and resolve of law enforcement as they run towards the danger. Tonight an officer was taken from us while serving his community, and it is a reminder of the sacrifice that these men and women across our state and nation make every day.

    “We don’t have all the answers from tonight’s shooting, and the crime scene is still active. I urge everyone in the area to follow law enforcement’s directions during this ongoing incident.”

    [10:31 p.m.]

    Officers salute as the honor guard takes the fallen officer to the ambulance in a procession. 

    An ambulance takes the officer away from the hospital in the procession. The distance from Tacoma General to the medical examiner is about 4 miles. 

    [10:18 p.m.]

    Law enforcement agencies around the Puget Sound share their condolences.

    [10 p.m.] 

    Dozens of uniformed officers wait outside Tacoma General in a line. The fallen officer will be taken from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. 

    [9:45 p.m.]

    A woman who was inside the home during a shooting that killed a Tacoma officer said the suspect fired the first shot.

    A KIRO 7 News crew spoke to Christine Croskey. She owns the home and said she attends church with the suspect. 

    Croskey did not share much information as to not interfere with Tacoma Police Department's investigation, but she did share this:

    “I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter, because all lives matter. I want to say the Tacoma Police Department handled this matter with such professionalism... despite one of their own being shot," she said. 

    [9:26 p.m.] 

    The public is being asked to keep roads near Tacoma General clear as police prepare for a procession to take the fallen officer from the hospital to the Medical Examiner.

    Tacoma Police Department has not made his name public. 

    [9:13 p.m.] 

    The police officer injured in the shooting has died, Tacoma Police Department spokeswoman Loretta Cool confirmed. Tacoma Police Department has not made his name public. 

    The Associated Press reports the officer was shot multiple times.

    “We’ve suffered a great loss, and I think the community has suffered a great loss. And I don’t know how to put that into words other than to say that everyone here appreciates the kind thoughts and the prayers that are going out to us. … Everyone on our police department knows everyone. And, yes: Everybody will feel it," Cool said.  

    The last time an officer was killed in Tacoma was in 1997.

    [8:50 p.m.] 

    Police remind residents in the Eastside neighborhood to shelter in place or stay out of the area of the standoff scene.

    [8:22 p.m.]

    In the 8 p.m. news conference, police spokeswoman Loretta Cool does not have a condition on the officer.

    The standoff scene is still active. Cool says that officers have the area locked down around the house and through the Eastside neighborhood. 

    Cool’s main message is until the suspect is in custody, it is not safe in the neighborhood. 

    People in the neighborhood should stay in their homes. 

    [8:12 p.m.]

    At Tacoma General, where the officer underwent surgery, KIRO 7 News crew saw an honor guard and chaplain at the hospital. 

    A line of troopers and police officers are also at the hospital. 

    The officer's condition has not been confirmed as of this time. 

    [8:06 p.m.] 

    KIRO 7 News' crew on the scene of the standoff was asked to move back after we heard what sounded like shots fired. 

    [7:58 p.m.] 

    KIRO 7 News crews on the standoff scene learned that a woman and two children were inside the Tacoma house when a police officer was shot. Police led the woman and children to safety. 

    [7:26 p.m.]

    A KIRO 7 News reporter on the scene of the standoff heard loud booms and several bangs at a Tacoma house where the shooting suspect is believed to be barricaded in. 

    [7:05 p.m.] 

    Police are at the ER entrance of Tacoma General Hospital as the officer shot remains in surgery. 

    [6:45 p.m.]

    A Tacoma Police Department spokeswoman confirms the officer was shot. Initially, police only told KIRO 7 News the officer was injured in connection with the shooting.

    In a news conference, police spokeswoman Loretta Cool told reporters that they believe the officer was shot by someone outside the police force. 

    The officer is in surgery.

    KIRO 7 News talked to a man who said his aunt was inside the home with the suspect during the standoff situation. 

    The man, Marcus Croskey, told KIRO 7 News that the woman and the suspect were in a basement when shots were fired. A friend of the woman allegedly called 911 and police responded. Croskey's aunt was taken out of the house, and at some point an officer was injured. 

    KIRO 7 News confirmed that the incident started as a domestic violence call. In a news conference, Cool said that a short time after the DV call, the officers called for priority backup. 

    The suspect is still barricaded. 

    [6:25 p.m.]

    Dozens of police units line the Eastside neighborhood as a large police response develops for the scene at 413 East 52nd Street.

    Tacoma Police Department did not give details on the officer's injuries. 

    A gunman is not in custody, and the scene is not secure. Police are working a standoff situation. The suspect fired shots at the sheriff's helicopter. 

    People are being asked to avoid the area. Pierce County deputies told the Tacoma News Tribune it's too dangerous for passing motorists to get any closer than a few blocks. 

    [5:45 p.m.] 

    According to reports, one person was sent to the hospital. 

    Officers from Tacoma, Fife, Ruston, the State Patrol, ATF and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department are on the scene along with Tacoma firefighters. 

    [5:30 p.m.]

    There were reports of shots fired about 5:30 p.m. in a house in the 400 block of East 52nd Street, according to the Tacoma News Tribune. Officers had surrounded the house and the department’s SWAT team had been called in. 

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