Realtor caught on camera stealing pain pills

RENTON, Wash. — In surveillance video you can see former Windermere Real Estate agent Aaron Peterson rifling through a night stand, eventually finding old pain-killer medicine.  He pours several out and pockets them.

Peterson was supposed to be showing a Doug Wright’s home to a potential buyer.  Wright watched the theft unfold in real time, on his phone, absolutely stunned.

“I was talking to my phone,” said Wright, still in disbelief three days later.  “I was like: ‘Dude there’s a camera right there, you’re stealing from me and there’s practically a camera beaning you in the head.’”

The next day when Wright was meeting with detectives, Peterson texted him asking to bring another so-called client by.

“The deputy says: ‘Are you kidding me?’” Wright said.  “They say, 'Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to… try to catch him stealing.'”

Detectives said when Peterson showed up for the second time he didn’t take anything.  However, they arrested him with a pocket full of Tylenol, perhaps to try and replace what he’d stolen the first time.

Windermere released a statement reading in part:

"… upon learning of this incident, Aaron Peterson was immediately terminated. We also immediately informed the multiple listing service to revoke his key card access privileges, and informed the Washington Dept. of Licensing of the matter…"

Detectives said it is possible Peterson may have stolen other people’s pills as well, and are warning anyone who had Peterson in their homes to check.

KIRO 7 left a phone message for Peterson to try and get his side of the story, and find out if he is dealing with an opioid addiction.

He has yet to return the call.

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