Protesters confront Rep. Dave Reichert over healthcare vote

Community members rallied at the Seattle Westin Monday morning to protest Congressman Dave Reichert’s voting in support of a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act last Thursday.

A group gathered with signs Monday morning and followed Reichert to the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle, where Reichert is giving a keynote address to the Washington Council on International Trade.

Community members and groups including the Washington Community Action Network, Fuse Washington and the Washington State Labor Council say the proposed bill “would strip healthcare coverage from millions of Americans while giving the wealthy a few additional tax breaks.”

After petitions and rallies, Reichert has not held a publicly accessible town hall. Instead of a town hall, Reichert took questions in a live KCTS interview on Facebook, where viewers gave immediate feedback with comments and emojis.

"My view of town halls today - it's degenerated into a shouting, yelling and screaming match," Reichert explained in the interview.

Community members are still demanding a town hall.