Prosecutors: Man shoots, kills someone trying to steal his car in Seattle; now charged with murder

A south King County man was charged with first-degree murder, for a homicide that happened last October in Seattle’s Yesler Terrace neighborhood.

Seattle police say they arrested 45-year-old Aaron Javan Mitchell last week after tracking him down to his girlfriend’s home in Federal Way.

According to court documents, he took “extraordinary steps” to evade capture.

Last fall, investigators say Mitchell reacted to two people trying to steal his car by chasing the two in another vehicle, then repeatedly firing a handgun at them, as they sped through Seattle neighborhoods.

After he disabled their car, investigators say he got out of his car and shot both victims.

One man, 27-year-old Joshua Blackwood, died. Another 53-year-old man was shot but survived.

According to court documents, Blackwood was shot in the back and pistol-whipped in the head.

Detectives say the car Mitchell was driving to chase the two men was found less than 24 hours later in Auburn. It was “torched nearly beyond recognition.”

Court documents say after the murder, Mitchell never returned to his apartment. He had his girlfriend clear out the space. He also didn’t show up to meetings where he was expected.

Once detectives got a court order to ping his girlfriend’s cell phone location, they found them at a home in Federal Way. Both were arrested.

Mitchell was charged with one count of 1st-degree murder and one count of second-degree attempted murder.

Prosecutors requested his bail be set at $3,000,000 dollars.