Alleged porch pirate arrested after running from police in Lacey

LACEY, Wash. — An alleged porch pirate is in jail after a corporal recognized him from a previous incident.

On Tuesday, Lacey police officers were looking into a package theft when a corporal on the scene recognized a possible suspect. She had dealt with him a week prior at a disturbance call involving a white Ford Explorer.

After watching the theft video, caught on a Ring camera, the corporal’s suspicions were confirmed and she jumped into action, heading to the suspect’s address.

Nobody was home but as she drove away, the corporal recognized the suspect’s white SUV. A traffic stop was attempted but failed as the suspect sped off.

Police say that the suspect was eventually pulled over, jumping out of his SUV and running off, only to return to the car later.

He was arrested and booked upon his return for theft and driving with a suspended license.

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