Political sign vandalized with racial slur, profanity

Shaun Scott has signs scattered throughout District 4-- this one is in a yard in Ravenna. He made a conscious decision to put his face on his sign- and so the hate is even more personal.

A vandal targeted a political sign with racist graffiti. The election sign was for Shaun Scott, who is running for the Seattle City Council in District 4.

One of his staffers had the sign in his yard in Wallingford.

On Tuesday morning, the staffer found someone had spray-painted the sign with a racial slur and profanity.

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Scott chose to put his face on his campaign signs so voters would know who he is. That makes the hateful act more personal.

"Not just defaced, defaced with a pretty vile racial epithet, the N word, and some other expletives and profanity," said Scott.
"As jarring as that was to see, it was important for me to rebroadcast that and let Seattleites know this is where we are as a city and we're not currently above this as a city."

He told KIRO-7 the minute he tweeted the photo of his sign, support came pouring in.

His opponent, Alex Pedersen, posted about it on Facebook and spoke to KIRO-7 on Wednesday afternoon. "I was sickened to hear there was racist graffiti on my opponent's yard signs," Pedersen said. "Racism and hate like this have no place in Seattle, no place anywhere. I condemn any racism and hatred towards anyone."

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best tweeted "Hate has no place in our city" and vowed to investigate. The case was assigned to the department's bias crimes detective.

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