Police: Lumber warehouse fire in Queen Anne ruled as arson

The four-alarm fire at a lumber warehouse this past Saturday in Queen Anne has been ruled as arson, fire investigators said.

This was the largest fire Seattle has seen in eight years, and investigators estimate the total loss to all impacted structures at $4.3 million. There were no injuries.

The main building owned by Gascoigne Lumber Company collapsed and the fire also engulfed four other buildings in the area.

Firefighters responded shortly after 8:49 p.m. to a call reporting flames visible from a structure along the ship canal in the 300 block of Ewing Street. Early responders reported flames up to 100 feet in the air from a warehouse. At the peak of the incident, a total of three buildings and two large sheds were on fire. The contents of the buildings were mostly lumber. Firefighters fought defensively from outside the warehouse.

Crews continued to work Tuesday morning to fully extinguish the fire.

Seattle fire later said in all, five structures, power lines, multiple vehicles, and a home and trailer on the waterfront were damaged.

Seattle fire said the fire was the largest that the city has experienced in eight years, with the last large fire in 2010.

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