Owl injured on UW campus recovers at PAWS

An owl injured on the University of Washington campus is recovering.

The University of Washington reported that a barred owl had visited the campus Friday morning. People were warned not to approach it and a U.S. Department of Agriculture biologist had secured the owl.

The owl was taken to PAWS in Lynnwood where an exam was performed. Officials said, "It appears the owl flew into a window." The exam also revealed the owl had some bruising but was in fair condition.

KIRO 7 received word from PAWS and officials said: "The owl appears brighter and more responsive today (Saturday) -- definitely an improvement from yesterday. X-rays were taken this morning under general anesthesia. The owl appears to have a left scapular fracture (one of the bones supporting the shoulder) which we would expect to heal in roughly 2 weeks time with cage rest (ie, no surgical intervention necessary). There also appears to be a fracture of the right pubic bone near the hip joint. This, too, is expected to heal in roughly the same time frame with cage rest.  The squinting of the left eye that was noted on initial exam yesterday has improved. There appears to be a very small minor injury to the retina in this eye which is unlikely to significantly impact vision. The plan is to continue with general supportive care, anti-inflammatory and additional pain medication, and eye drops for the retinal injury. Prognosis always remains guarded for the first few days in care."

PAWS is now asking for the public's help in raising money to help provide care for injured owls they receive. Click here to donate.

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