Olympia Jail operations suspended due to COVID-19

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Olympia Police Department interim chief Rich Allen suspended the operations at the municipal jail on Thursday.

Allen said the decision was driven by the continued spread of COVID-19 among staff and inmates and a shortage of staff needed to operate the jail safely.

All operations will be suspended for 10 days until the Thurston County Health Department and the police department can assess the status of the jail.

“The health and welfare of our staff and the inmates we care for are of the utmost concern,” said Allen. “We will continue to work with the Health Department to facilitate a safe return to operations.”

As for the inmates, Allen said two low-risk inmates were released by the city’s Municipal Court after a special session was held to determine the status of all inmates. Four other inmates were transferred to the Lewis County Jail.

The police department’s patrol operations were not affected.

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