Officials asking for help in identifying man found dead on beach

MASON COUNTY, Wash. — The Mason County Sheriff’s Office and county coroner are asking for help in identifying a man who was found dead on the beach on Harstine Island.

The man was found Wednesday in the area of East Camden Way.

The coroner said the body was decomposed and unidentifiable.

However, officials said the man is 6 feet tall, weighs 170 pounds, and possibly has reddish hair.

He did not have any tattoos on his body that would help identify him.

He was wearing dark-colored sweat pants, black Under Armour boxers, wool socks, a white shirt with “Hollister Bike Week 2005″ printed on it, and a dark-colored zip-up hoodie with green fleece on the inside. He also had a long-sleeve button-up flannel shirt over the top and a green camouflage bandana face mask.

The man was wearing white Skullcandy headphones with tan leather lining around his neck.

Images of the man’s property and clothing were released in hopes someone will be able to help identify the man, who authorities are calling John Doe.

Anyone who can help identify the man is asked to call 360-427-7752.