NRA contributions to Washington lawmakers

The Center for Responsive Politics has collected information about National Rifle Association contributions to all Senators and Representatives, and we looked at the impact on Washington leaders.

The data includes donations made to local lawmakers’ opponents over the years.

In it, we found the NRA has spent more than $621,000 trying to oust Washington Democrat Patty Murray. It has not given her a single cent.

Murray has long been an advocate of gun control, and she has, in the past, called the problem of gun violence “a scourge.”

The NRA hasn't given Democrat Maria Cantwell any money either-- but did donate $12,000 to her opponents over the years.

Democrats in the House from Washington state also haven't received any money directly from the NRA, but the gun-rights organization has given varying amounts to their opponents-- the most, to those who've run against Olympia's representative Denny Heck.

Among our state's Republicans, southwest Washington's Jaime Herrera Beutler has received the most money from the NRA, more than $95,000.  Dan Newhouse received the least, with $4,000.

Just this week-- state lawmakers failed to pass a change to the age requirement to buy an AR-15-- the rifle used in the Florida shooting.

Yesterday we sat down with Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and asked how that could happen, and he told us, “The NRA is a powerful, powerful lobby.”

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