Owners reeling after Normandy Park business robbed for third time

Normandy Park — A Normandy Park business has been broken into and burglarized for the third time.

The thieves busted in through the patio door and left in under five minutes around 8 a.m. Saturday morning. The co-owner, Nariv Sheth said it looked like the three men had done a home invasion before.

“They broke in by prying in the back patio door they had a mask on they had gloves on so they were professionals,” said Sheth.

It’s the third time burglars breached the Bistro Baffi doors. Once the robbers got inside the business they split up and headed straight for the register.

“He cut the cables and everything, the register - took the register with him. He was trying to open it up but was not able to open it and just took it with him,” said Sheth. “We had stuff lying on the floor. Wine bottles and all the drawers were open. Looks like they were not even scared of anything to commit this crime.”

Sheth did make a police report after Saturday’s burglary.

KIRO 7 reached out to Normandy Park police for comment but did not get a reply.