No charges filed after man killed in apparent road rage shooting on I-5

Pierce County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that no charges will be filed in connection with a deadly road rage confrontation on I-5 near Milton, Washington. in February.

Aubrey Tayler Bowlin shot Bruce W. Jones on the side of I-5 on Feb. 8, 2018, but prosecutors say, "Ms. Bowlin acted in self-defense and, given the evidence, the prosecutor's office cannot prove otherwise." Click here to read our original story.

The prosecutor's office says that according to witnesses the incident began when Jones boxed Bowlin, who was riding a motorcycle, "into a location she could not drive away from. After exiting his (Jones) vehicle, he (Jones) aggressively approached her (Bowlin) on the shoulder of Interstate 5."

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The prosecutor's office then says that a fight that followed was started by Jones, and that at some point during the altercation, "Bowlin head-butted Jones, who then drove Bowlin's head into the jersey barrier before taking her to the ground. Bowlin shot Jones once in the chest when he attempted to climb on top of her."

"This is another reminder to everyone to keep a cool head on our roads," prosecutor Mark Lindquist said. "Nothing good is going to come from physically confronting another driver."

In February Bowlin told KIRO 7 that she was not ready to talk on camera but said she was recovering, both physically and emotionally. Read more here.

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