New toll rates for SR 520 bridge to begin August 15

SEATTLE — The Washington State Transportation Commission approved new toll rates for the State Route 520 bridge, set to take effect on August 15.

The decision was made during a public hearing on Wednesday to ensure that toll revenues will meet the bridge’s financial obligations.

Starting Thursday, August 15, toll rates will increase by an average of 10%.

The new tolls include fewer variations throughout the week, reducing the number of different prices from eight to six, with rates varying by time of day and day of the week.

State law mandates that toll rates on the SR 520 bridge are set to maintain travel time, speed, and reliability.

The tolls must also generate sufficient revenue to cover the bridge’s operational costs, ongoing maintenance, and the repayment of construction bonds.

In December 2023, the Office of the State Treasurer determined that the current toll rates would not be adequate starting in July 2025, prompting the commission to adjust the rates this summer.

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