• New system going in on Burke-Gilman Trail will alert drivers to pedestrians, bicyclists

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    A cutting-edge system is coming to one of the area's most popular trails.

    The goal is to alert drivers to pedestrians and bicyclists.

    The new system, which will rely entirely on solar power, will be installed along the Burke-Gilman Trail next week.

    University of Washington researchers will place smart sensors on light poles that will be exposed to the sun, so they can be powered independently and will function as a warning system for areas where the trail meets the road.

    The reason for the system on the trail is borne out of other technology.

    Warning systems for cars can often sense other cars but may not be able to sense pedestrians or cyclists on trails.

    STAR Lab researchers from UW are going to put up the small solar-powered sensors, called  “Smart Road Stickers,” to send safety warnings to both pedestrians and drivers via their cellphones, alerting them to one another.

    The stickers will only detect cellphones that have the star labs detection app installed, but they also can communicate with vehicles. The app will send safety notifications on users’ phones and drivers will receive the alerts through their vehicles.



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