New details shed light about former corrections officer accused of staging attack on himself

MASON COUNTY, Wash. — Newly released audio from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office offers a confession and motivation for an October shooting in Shelton. The audio is the interrogation of former Department of Corrections officer Christopher Floe, who allegedly helped stage his own attack.

On October 7, 2021, Floe was getting out of his car before work, when he was shot in the back. At the time he told investigators that he was ambushed by a stranger who fired one shot and then drove off. His shooting prompted a city-wide manhunt.

Within days, investigators identified a bizarre twist. Floe’s sister, Caroline Harris, was arrested as the gunman. Floe was also arrested for recruiting his sister and staging the attack.

Investigators asked him about his role during the interrogation.

“How did you come up with the idea to stage a shooting?” an officer was heard asking.

“I don’t know,” says Floe. " It was stupid. It wasn’t a very thought-out plan.”

“So how do you convince your sister to do this?” asked the officer.

“I took advantage of her,” says Floe. “She’s easily manipulable. She’s emotionally stunted.”

Both Harris and Floe are facing several criminal charges, including conspiracy and false reporting. Both have pleaded not guilty. Floe will stand trial on May 31, 2022. Harris’ trial will begin in July.

In the audio, Floe says he had been planning the shooting ‘for a while’. He states his motivations for the attack were over frustrations with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, an internal investigation against him, and a lack of workplace safety.

“DOC doesn’t care,” says Floe about the Department of Corrections.

“What do you mean?” the officer asks.

“We are a number to them. And until something drastic happens we’re not…we’re not safe” says Floe.

He states in the interrogation that he hoped his shooting outside of the Shelton Corrections office would highlight the need for more security for officers.

“I’m just sorry that you felt you had to go to this extreme,” the officer responds.