'Porch pirate' chased, captured by neighbors; also captured on video

KENMORE, Wash. — At first glance, the YouTube video entitled "Package thief caught by badass neighbor" is so comical, it almost seems like a scripted production with actors.

But the edited surveillance video, which has gone viral, shows a real porch pirate suspect pulling up his hoodie and covering his face, while heading for one of many Kenmore porches police say he prowled for packages Dec. 16.

The video shows the suspect being chased by neighbors--on foot, and by car--after he was seen stealing items from several cars and porches.

Pat Folger teamed up with another neighbor, a freshman at the University of Washington, who chased the suspect on foot.

"We chased him for like 10 minutes," Folger said. "We went up and down the street back and forth through people's yards." Much of the foot chase is seen on surveillance video. The 19-year-old neighbor who caught the suspect is seen forcing him to walk back up the street, where Kenmore police arrived exactly one minute later.

"Kenmore kind of needed a hero, and (the neighbor who captured the suspect) was that." said Justin Waskow, whose Amazon package is seen being taken by the suspect on the video.

"I don't think this guy realized who he was messing with, because my neighbor is a wrestler and a football player, and an Eagle Scout to boot."

King County sheriff's deputies were on the scene within one minute after neighbors called 911.

Sgt. Ryan Abbott says the King County deputies' quick response ensured the 29-year-old suspect was arrested. Bags and boxes of stolen items were all promptly returned to their owners.

He'd been involved with residential burglaries before," said Abbott. "He's been convicted along with some other vehicle prowls and drug offenses as well."

Police do not recommend chasing burglars. "You don't know if they're armed," Abbott said, adding "No package is worth risking your life. You should always call 911 first."

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