Murder suspect turned in by brother after killing cousin

TUKWILA,. Wash. — People who live in a Tukwila apartment complex were unwitting witnesses to an attempt to hide a crime.

They say they watched the suspect move a container from the apartment where he lived down to this building.

And it stayed there for a full day before someone finally opened it.

A neighbor stood near where he and several others saw a container sitting in the walkway near their apartments Wednesday night. Four "x's" mark the spot now.

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But neither he nor anyone else got suspicious until the container was still there the next day.

"And so that, I thought, was kind of strange," he said. "Because it was left overnight."

By 4:00 Thursday afternoon, one neighbor's curiosity won out.

"They found a body that was cut," he said, remembering what he was told.

Neighbors said they saw 37-year-old Rosalio Ramos-Ramos bringing the container from a Pyramid Pointe apartment building on South 152nd Place where he lived with his brother.

They watched him move it all the way down to their building, just to the south.

According to court documents, his brother called police on Wednesday because Ramos-Ramos was angry and throwing things off the balcony. Plus, the brother had found blood in their bathroom. But it wasn't until the body was found the next day that police arrested Ramos-Ramos. His brother said the victim was their cousin.

No one answered the door at the apartment the brothers shared.

And this neighbor is taking it all in stride.

"Do we want to see it?" he asked. "No, of course not. But I'm not going to go crazy over it."

Court documents did not indicate a motive.

More information could be released if and when charges are filed.

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